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Five Ways to Help Your Company Website With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that customers can easily find your business through the search engines, which is essential to your company's success online.
Why? Because Google, Yahoo and Bing are the primary medium through which your potential customers will locate your company website for the first time.
Without establishing a solid presence for your business in Google, Bing and Yahoo using SEO, your potential customers will never find you.
Here are five ways that you can help your company website with SEO: SEO Friendly Website Design The layout and design of your company website is crucial to establishing a solid presence in Google.
This means that your website must be designed not only for your human visitors, but for the search engine companies as well.
Your entire website must be interconnected in an SEO friendly way that allows the robots to easily discover all of your content.
Keyword Rich Website Content Your website's content must also be written with not only your human readers in mind but the search companies as well.
Every single piece of content on your website, from your "About Us" statement to product and service pages must contain high quality, keyword rich text that is relevant to your business.
Doing this ensures that your website will rank highly in the search results on Google for the keywords that are relevant to your business.
Article Marketing Another key strategy to helping your company website with SEO is to publish keyword rich, relevant content about your business on article directories.
Doing this accomplishes two things.
First, it brings targeted traffic to your website from the article directories.
Second, it increases the number of backlinks to your website.
This alone helps your website rank higher, but since the backlinks are coming from keyword rich content related to your business, they are even more beneficial to your rankings.
SEO Friendly Anchor Text When you are creating backlinks to your website on article directories or any other site, including linking pages together within your own website, you should be using keywords as your anchor text.
Doing this ensures that your backlinks have more "SEO juice" which will help to improve your company's position in the search results for your keywords.
Press Releases Putting out a press release is also another great search engine optimization strategy that will help your company website tremendously.
Your keyword rich press release will be automatically syndicated across hundreds, possibly thousands of other websites, exposing your company name and website to a huge audience, all while building backlinks to your site and improving your rankings.
Implementing all of the strategies outlined above will improve the visibility of your company's website by ranking it highly in the search results, putting you squarely in front of your target audience and bringing a flood of traffic to your site that can be converted into leads, sales and ultimately, profit.

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