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Follow This Shocking Advice and You Can Get Laid Tonight

How many times have you gone home thinking, "Why didn't I get laid tonight?" Maybe you were just coming home from a bar or a club, maybe it was a first or second date, or maybe you had been out with a girl you have been seeing for a while - whatever the case, it is a common question among us.
Its very commonality can be disheartening and make it seem like an impossible endeavor, but do not be discouraged, because it is possible to go out tonight and then have breakfast with the girl of your dreams in the morning.
First of all, there are a couple of truths that you need to realize.
Girls do not care about your job, they do not care about how much money you bring home, and they do not really care what you look like - and no, that does not just apply to the kinds of girls some of you may be feeling like you are "settling for," by any means.
Have faith in your game, in yourself, in your abilities, and who you are.
That being said, you need to remember to be yourself.
Changing up your attitude does not mean acting like someone else.
You can be as exciting as the bad boys that so many girls go out with, without having to act like a complete jerk.
Bring your confidence with your game, hold your head up high even if you are not six feet tall, and work your stuff.
Like say, you do not have to be a jerk - and you should not, because girls like guys who know how to act like gentlemen.
However, be a gentleman with a serious edge.
What is the best way to get laid tonight? Act interested in the girl you want.
Make eye contact, hold her stare, and for goodness sake, approach her - if she is not coming to you, she may just be unsure herself.
Anyway, taking charge and making the first move can be extremely appealing to women.
Do not be forceful, do not be scary, and do not be obnoxious, but definitely do let her know you are interested; just be cool about it.

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