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Connect With Other Consumers Who Have Been Harassed By The Same Telemarketers

When you are frustrated and upset it helps to know that you are not alone, and there are other people who can relate, and truly understand what you are going through.
Connecting and coping with others isn't something that only happens when you suffer from an illness, accident, a death or other misfortunes, believe it or not, but it can also be a good thing when you are irritated with telemarketing phone calls.
It may seem strange, and maybe even a little silly that you can bond with other telephone consumers over the unwanted calls of telemarketers, but you would be surprised at how therapeutic venting and sharing your complaints with others can be.
That being said, you may not be aware of the fact that there are actually a number of different telephone complaint sites on the internet that are designed to bring telephone consumers together to discuss phone scams, complain about telemarketers, and other topics of interest.
If you would like to find one of these sites, simply visit a search engine, such as Google or a search directory like Yahoo! and enter in a logical keyword phrase (I.
"caller complaints", "telephone complaints", etc.
) You will likely find different websites in your results.
Visit as many sites as you wish and become a member to voice your complaints and concerns, as well as read the complaints of others.
When you visit and post on these sites, you may be surprised to find that some of the other members have also received the same telemarketing calls you are complaining about.
Conversing with these people and venting will really do wonders for your stress level, even if it doesn't actually stop the telemarketers from calling.
You may think that public complaints are useless if they don't actually stop telemarketing calls, but the reality is, publicly complaining does more than you might realize.
It not only warns other telephone consumers of disreputable telemarketers, but as complaints recorded about one telemarketing firm continue to increase, it may eventually stop them from calling you due to all of the negative feedback that is being spread online.

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