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Impact of Web 2.0 on Banner Design

Traditional marketing where companies put up advertisements for potential customers to see is now becoming ancient with the new Web 2.
0 strategy.
Social networks, blogs and forums are the new ways to advertise a company and its products and services.
The current business society is moving from static advertising to transport mechanism where customers and companies engage in an online discussion of the products and services.
This means that customers are asked questions about a business and in turn the customers create a buzz on the Internet about the business.
This buzz has the potential of getting millions of customers on a daily basis on the Internet.
It is very cheap, easy to create and quick to implement.
The idea of having Web 2.
0 on banner design is what will make a business grow in a matter of days.
CEOs are now implementing the use of Web 2.
0 in their companies.
A marketer from the company uses the banner to create a forum online either in the famous social networks like Facebook or Twitter and then people create a buzz that gets mentioned many times a phrased called "goes viral on the Internet".
This term is used to describe anything that is very famous on the Internet and this means that it has attracted many online users inclusive of potential customers for a long period of time.
This mechanism has helped companies spend less money on advertising on other websites and also attract many customers.
Logos created using Web 2.
0 need a high sense of creativity for them to be transported on the Internet very easily.
Exchange of ideas between customers on the Internet using a company's logo goes "viral" with the speed of light.
This is the new tool to advertise any business on the Internet.
You will save a lot of money for advertising space and also save time when attracting your potential customers.
This kind of advertising works well without the need of constant change of banner design because people pick it up from forums, social networks and transport it over to other websites or other social networks because many people are now communicating using these networks.

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