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Phone Psychics - 5 Tips To Protect Yourself

One of the most convenient ways to receive a psychic reading is via phone psychics.
With the abundance of options out there, how do you avoid getting scammed? Here are 5 tips that will dramatically increase your chances of finding an authentic phone psychic.
Find A Free Minutes Offer Always start with finding a service that offers free minutes up front, or one that has an incredibly cheap offer for new clients.
This will allow you to test the water and see if you like the service.
Don't Let It Drag Out Listen for concise and specific information during the free call portion.
If they are vague, drag it out and say they need more time to get more answers, move on.
An authentic psychic will be able to give clear and concise information in a few minutes.
Don't Offer Up Too Much Say as little as possible about yourself.
Simply state what you want to know and let them work.
The more you offer up, the more ammunition a fraudulent phone psychic has to use against you.
Watch For Open Ended Questions Pay attention to the questioning pattern the psychic uses.
Do you feel that their open ended questions as designed to get more information out of you? If so they are fishing for information on how you feel about the topic you are discussing.
The best defense is to answer back with your own open ended question.
If they persist, move on to someone else.
Beware Of Psychics That Seem To Know Everything Most genuine psychics will not be able to get everything right or make you feel like they know understand everything that's coming to them.
Authentic psychics will receive information that makes no sense to them, but will probably make sense to you.
That's because the messages they receive many times are in reference to something unique to you, either a specific experience or someone you know.

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