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Don"t Let Your Zeal Cool Off

Lets illustrate this for a moment.
Your mate and you decide to paint the family room.
You get all exited about how it would look like after it's painted and what pictures you can put on the walls, and so on and so forth.
You decide what color would match best with the floor and the furniture.
Now it's time to go to the store and buy that paint.
Your mate and you are still very exited about painting the family room, nothing have changed.
At the store, you need to get some assistance to get the best paint to use for your project.
The store specialist help you in finding the type and kind you should buy.
Even will he give you some tips on other color that would work too.
So after consulting your mate, you decide to go ahead and buy that particular paint and color.
On the way home you're both still very exited about your project and until you guys get home the subject is about that family room.
Now home, you get the gallon of paint and open up the closet door and you put the gallon of paint on the shelf and close the door.
The next day, your zeal as cool off and you don't feel like painting anymore.
Would that be logic? Of course not! You're probably thinking, they spent all that time, energy, money and not applying the paint.
Well that's what exactly most people do in the Internet business.
They will get an idea, spend time to read and get familiar with, maybe buy a software to end up not doing anything with it.
How can we avoid letting our zeal cool off? The only way is to apply the new idea as soon as we can.
If the idea was so good to start with, it should still be good now.
So move and apply it! The same as the illustration, until you start applying the paint to the wall you will never see any result.
Even you have the biggest zeal to begin with, you still need to apply what you learn to see the result.
So let me say it again, your zeal will cool off only if you don't apply what you learn, as soon as you can.
That's all.

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