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What is Internet Marketing?

Many times people ask me "I hear there is great money to be made in Internet Marketing, but what exactly is it?" This question can be answered in a variety of fashions - some answers can be very brief, others can be a lot more drawn out! What I like to do is give people the abbreviated version then throw in a few examples The simple answer is Internet Marketing is no different from any other business.
It just has the twist that it is typically 100% based online.
One could argue Amazon.
com is just a bunch of "Internet Marketers"! The business models of internet marketing are no different to the business models of regular business alive and running today.
The medium they use to deliver their ads, message and often their product just revolve around the internet.
Often the people involved in Internet Marketing do not make the connection that their business is a lot like regular businesses around the world today - that can create great opportunities if you spot them I'd like to show you a few examples of internet marketing and demonstrate we can find real world parallels in the existing business world First off let's discuss AdSense.
For those that are unaware this is a service offered by the mighty Google.
By inserting some special code on your web page, Google will serve up ad's on your site and when one of your visitors clicks on the ad you get paid! So basically the business model here is you create compelling content which draws visitors and somebody pays you to advertise their product.
Sounds a lot like people creating TV shows - right? I mean you create a hot TV show, it gets a lot of visitors and companies pay to run their ads.
We have Google in the middle on the web side and we have the network/cable companies in the middle on the TV side.
Next let's look at eBay.
It's been called the ultimate flea market.
Well there is your business model! Every week in America thousands (hundreds of thousands probably!) of flea markets and yard sales are being run.
People are selling their used stuff or entrepreneurs are busy selling new items.
Go take a look at eBay and tell me how it differs from that model.
Again the distribution mechanism is the internet as opposed to pulling up in your car to somebody's yard sale! So if you really want to be successful in Internet Marketing - take a look at existing business models that are doing well off the internet - then see if you can find the niche/opportunity where you can turn them into an internet business - who knows you could be the next Google, Amazon or eBay!

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