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Say NO to Cold Calls - How to Get Prospects to Chase You

How do you see yourself as a network marketer? Do you "fish" for them using the right "fishing" technique? Or do you track them down and hunt them like a prey? If you're doing the latter then you might want to think back on your ways.
You might still be using old-school techniques instead of employing new school and out of the box methods.
These old-school techniques include harassing your warm market, cold calling strangers, and knocking on people's doors just to make a sale.
If you utilize these marketing methods, then let me tell you honestly - you're doing it the wrong way.
Insisting your MLM business on your prospects will only chase them away.
It will only do you more harm than good and will ultimately lead to disastrous results.
Remember that when you treat your prospective leads like hunted animals and track them down like a prey, they automatically put themselves on defense.
Once they see you coming, they will immediately run on the other side just to avoid you.
What's worse, no matter how good your offer is, they won't find it interesting at the very least.
You'll probably find them ignoring you at all cost.
Now, isn't it nice to turn the table around and be chased by your prospects instead? How do you do this? With the help of Reverse Marketing no less.
If you're wondering what reverse marketing is, it's the notion of making your prospective leads look for you rather than you searching for them.
Also known as Attraction Marketing, it deals with strategies that will "magnetize" your prospects into joining your business.
Simply put, this type of marketing uses the right bait to fish for prospects.
Let me teach you how: 1.
Be a leader, NOT a boss This holds true not only in a company organization but also in network marketing.
While a boss is known for commanding people and delegating tasks only, a leader is someone who leads their pack and motivates their organization to achieve their goals.
And they don't do it by just commanding and delegating people on what they should do.
Instead, they show what needs to be done and serves as a guide on the whole process.
Now, this skill is very crucial in MLM.
If you want to attract prospects, you have to position yourself as a leader; someone who can lead a team to the right direction.
Remember that prospects are attracted to leaders that will not only lead them, but will also teach them the ropes.
They look for someone whom they know that they can get useful information from, rely on and ask for help whenever the need arises.
ALWAYS give value "But how do I package myself as a leader?" Giving value is key to MLM success.
Always keep that in mind.
It's also the most effective way in attracting prospects.
By presenting yourself as a teacher and a coach in the industry, you're packaging yourself as a trusted leader that people can look up to.
You can do this by giving your audience priceless information; something that they don't easily see anywhere.
Provide valuable and reliable business strategies which exactly what your target market is looking for.
Make use of effective online marketing tools - be it articles, blog posts, newsletters, eBooks, or even videos.
Get your creative juices flowing.
This way, you can easily set yourself apart from the marketplace and become the leader that everybody needs.
Identify your prospects and their problem How can you become a leader and a "leads' magnet" if you don't even know who your prospects are? You can't simply say "just about anyone.
" That's not what attraction marketing is all about.
You have to identify your niche first - the type of market that your business caters to.
You should not target the ones who have no idea what your business is all about.
Once you're done identifying your market, proceed in knowing what their problems are.
Find out what they're struggling with and help them achieve the results they're hoping for.
Remember that your goal as a network marketer is to find people's needs and feel them so you can gain their trust and confidence.
That way, you're not just setting your business on fire, you're also putting yourself ahead of the competition.
Be visible Being visible is the most effective way of building personal communication with your prospects, and in the long run, trust and a lasting business relationship.
Harness the power of social media - from social networking sites, to social bookmarking sites, to forums, to blogs, to other online communities, etc.
Penetrate the hangouts of your target market.
Visit the sites that they frequent such as forums and join in their discussions.
Since most forums allow signature in discussion threads, placing your business URL at the bottom of your posts is a great way to generate leads.
Of course, you need to provide relevant information in order to solicit positive responses from the members.
Otherwise, you'll find yourself getting booted out because of spamming.
Provide effective solutions This is a crucial marketing strategy.
And if done correctly, can lead to excellent results.
Why should your prospects believe in everything you say? Can you really live up to your promises and their expectations? There are many mistakes most network marketers do.
And "hyping" is one of them.
They give wrong notions on the MLM company they promote by exaggerating everything and giving false promises to their audience instead of sticking to the facts.
Avoid doing this by always providing pertinent solutions and sharing valuable information to your prospects.
Address their concerns and provide support when needed.
Not only is it an effective way to generate leads, it will also motivate your existing downlines to do better, in turn, duplicating your marketing system and efforts more efficiently.
Make an irresistible offer How do you do this? Of course, you can't offer your products or service at an impossibly low price or even worse - free.
Do this and you'll see yourself getting out of business faster than you can generate the right amount of leads.
On the other hand, you can give a much-safer offer, provided that you have maximum confidence in your MLM business.
Why not offer a year-long warranty or guarantee their money back? For example, if you've proven time and again that your products can indeed provide instant results, you can promise a money-back guarantee if the customer finds no effect within thirty days or any other way that works for the business.
Take notes from successful MLM leaders Having a mentor is a great advantage in MLM, especially if that mentor has found success in doing the business and has made their mark in the industry.
Since they have years of experience to back up their credibility as a leader, you can learn a thing or two from them when it comes to effective marketing strategies.
What's more, you may even adopt a marketing system that you can use with your downlines.
These are just some of the techniques that you can use to get those prospects line up for you instead of you chasing them.
Remember, prospects are always skeptic about network marketing.
Prove them wrong, follow these methods and give it your best shot.

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