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How to Learn English in 100 Days

    • 1). Hire an English tutor and purchase or borrow the necessary study materials. While the Internet has a good deal of information on learning English, a tutor and a textbook are among the fastest ways to learn any language. A tutor that speaks your native language and English fluently will be most effective, particularly in the early stages of your English training. However, it is still possible to learn English fast without a private tutor if you study hard and apply maximum intellectual effort. Visit a local library to borrow English study materials, and use the free resources available on the Internet to enhance your learning.

    • 2). Set achievable goals for yourself. For example, set a goal of learning 30 new words every day. If you stick to the 30-word goal, you will be able to learn 3,000 words in 100 days, which will provide a good foundation for your vocabulary.

      See Reference 2 for more information on setting goals.

    • 3). Learn the English alphabet and English language sounds. English is an Indo-European language, closely related to German, so it is natural that speakers of many European languages will find English sounds and letters easier to learn than, for example, the Chinese or the Japanese. Still, mastering the alphabet and basic phonetics should not take too much time.

    • 4). Learn simple English words, such as "dog," "house" or "book." Words that represent concrete objects are easier to learn than abstract concepts such as "reliability." Learn words that sound similar in your own language and English.

    • 5). Learn grammatically correct sentence structures. Begin with simple verb tenses, then progress to more complex ones. Learn the general rules of English grammar first, leaving exceptions and subtleties of usage for later.

    • 6). Do exercises in your textbook with your tutor. Textbooks are typically designed by language study professionals who base their work on research and practical studies of ways to effectively teach English. Follow the instructions in the textbook carefully and ask your tutor about anything you don't understand.

    • 7). Read and listen to abridged English books. Abridged books come in different levels, beginning with elementary, which requires a vocabulary of at least 200 words. Reading simplified literature will gradually enrich your vocabulary and will allow you to learn English as it is spoken in different contexts.

    • 8). Speak English at all times. English immersion will allow you to quickly increase your vocabulary. Also, English practice will improve your pronunciation.

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