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3 Secrets to Finding an NYC Printing Company

Advertising and marketing is a vital ingredient in cooking up the success of a business. It's like the heat needed to cook it just right, and advertising is the seasoning, allowing it to develop a savory taste. So if you're doing marketing and advertising campaigns for your business, whether large or small, you're probably going to need the services of a printing company.

Looking for the right printing company is easy, if you don't care much about it. All you need to do is to open the yellow pages or do a search online, look for the one nearest to you then just email or call them. Finding a printing company is easy, finding the right one for you is the difficult part, especially if you live in New York.

In Manhattan alone, you will be able to find hundreds of printing companies ranging from professional printers and publishers, to small copy and print service companies. The numbers go up even more in Brooklyn. Right from the moment you enter Williamsburg Bridge, there is a good chance you'll drive along one whether you turn left or right.

So why make it any difficult? Why not just get one that offers the best prices?

Because even though you're probably just going to need the services of a company like this for a small part of your marketing or advertising, maybe for calling cards, catalogs, newsletters, posters, or whatever, the quality of the print, the cost it will give you, and the professionalism it provides will reflect greatly on your business.

So how do you do it? How do you find the right printing company in NYC? Here are three secrets to help you out.

1. The first secret may very well be the hardest, but it's also the most essential. You need to do some research. Know what your needs are and do a search for the establishments that specialize in the type of job that you need done. Some companies don't have the right equipment and experience for the job at hand and may just accept the business just to make profit. Make a list of your possible candidates and prepare for secret number two, compare.

2. The best way to compare is to get feedbacks and recommendations from previous customers, Contact your prospective companies, discuss your needs and ask them a list of some of their previous clients that has had the same job done. List down their offer but don't get committed to it yet. If they can provide you a copy or sample of previous similar works, then request for one.

3. Lastly, and the most important, is making the decision. How you make the decision is what makes it difficult. You need to be able make sure that there are no hidden costs in your agreement. Also, all the details are straightened out, if you need it in two weeks then it should be stated, or if you require a certain material used then it must be included in the contract. Don't get easily lured in by low prices. Negotiate, the best thing about having many options is that they know you don't need them, they need you. Make sure that you have an agreement on the penalties that will be incurred if the contract is not met.

Yes you're supposed to be saving money by getting the best deal for your printing needs, but the best deal is not about the lowest price, it's about getting the best results for lower costs.

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