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How To Generate Massive Backlinks To Your Site

I am sure most of the beginners would have problems understanding the real meaning of backlinks and they wanted to generate massive backlinks to make their site known to more people. So what exactly is a backlink? Backlinks are links that is pointed from one website to another website. Search engines often use the number of backlinks from one website to determine the website popularity, ranking and importance. It is commonly known as "votes". Here are some of the best methods that I have tried that can generate massive backlinks for your website.

Commenting on Related Blogs in Your Niche

Commenting on blogs is one of the popular methods to build massive backlinks. It is a simple way to leave backlinks and all you need is the time to develop personal engagement with the particular blogs that you are commenting. There are several reasons on why should you comment on blogs.

  • Networking €" You can have the chance to network with bloggers in your related niche that you admire and you can always ask for opinions and advice to ensure that you are going on the right track. You can also know more online friends that are working towards the same goals as you and there might be a chance when you might be working together with them to create a campaign.

  • Traffic €" Majority of the blogs allow you to leave an anchor text to link back to your website after you have commented. 

Always bear in mind that the comments you posted should be constructive and beneficial to the blogger and the audience. Posting comments such as "Nice Post" is not going to benefit the other people and the blogger.  You should give some feedbacks that the blogger can improve on and genuinely help the other readers by providing your own comment. You can also praise him by quoting some of the sentences in the post and give your opinion it is well-written.

Tips for Blog Commenting

Blog commenting are usually used for building massive backlinks for a site. Before you start to comment on blogs. Here are some of the tips which might be beneficial to you.

  • Do follow or No follow €" This is what that will determine your value and importance of your comment in search engines. If your comment has a do follow attribute, it will pass rank and value towards the targeted website. If your comment has no follow attribute, it will not pass rank and value directly, however, it can help in the search engine page ranking.

  • Niche €" Google indexes backlink that has relation on the niche or the same topic. If you commented on MMO blog and your anchor text is fitness then the chances of your site getting index will be low.

  • Source €" You would need a site with a minimum of page rank (PR) 2 to comment on to ensure that you are getting results and a decent ranking of a minimum of 150,000 for Alexa. Those are sites that has massive backlinks which can benefit your site when you have commented on them.

  • To find the source of your blog, simply go to Google alerts, write down your keyword for the specific niche without hitting enter and the results will show up automatically. Select blogs and the best results.

  • Gravatar €" Once your comments have been accepted by the blogger, you can identify yourself in the comments by registering for a gravatar account. You can add in your own link and profile bio for people to click. Always remember to provide constructive comments and there will be more people interested to click your link.

Guest Posting

Guest posting means to allow others to write blog posts that does not belong to them. Guest posting is becoming increasingly popular in the blogging industry and guest posting is one of the preferred methods by many bloggers. I strongly believe that if you focus on providing value to the readers, this strategy would work for you. But wait! "I am helping other bloggers to contribute and this post is not included in my blog, what can I gain from it?" There are a lot of advantages to guest post for authority blogs besides just building up massive backlinks.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Before I continue, I would like to emphasize on the fact that do not write the guest post just for the sake of writing. Don't ever treat the post with no sufficient research and planning just because it is not your blog. Bear in mind that your guest posts portray the image of your blog value and reputation.

Free Backlinks €" Guest posting is one of the powerful free methods of building massive backlinks and when you post on a site, the author can choose to give you a "do follow" link which is called backlinks. If you guest post for authority blogs, your backlink will be better quality. You will still get a backlink even if the site is not popular.

More Traffic and Audience €" when you are guest posting for other blogs, you will be interacting with another group of audience. That group of audience might be small or big and they will click on your profile that links to your own blog or squeeze page if they find your post to be well-written.

In other words, you are using another blog as a platform to build up another new group of audience which might be your customer in the future.  Write posts that allow your readers to comment or leave their feedback. Ask a question in the end or raise up some points. Voice out your own opinions even if they differ from the public opinion. Give some Q&A session for them to give their comments and feedback.

As a result, your blog post might be featured and your next stop should be the comments. Reply to every comment to show them that you genuinely care for their opinion. If you manage to communicate well with them, they are more likely to be your audience and even follow you on twitter.

Build up Credibility and Authority €" Writing on your own blog establishes an authority among your audience and if you are writing for other blogs, you are also enabling more people to know you.  You don't even have to have your own blog to gain credibility. You can get started by guest posting on blogs and you can slowly build up your recognition and authority

Improvement in Outbound Links €" To build outbound links, you have to regularly comment on other blogs to generate outbound links for your anchor text. In addition to post comments, you can also offer to write for other blogs to have even more outbound links(massive backlinks) since the post will be published in other blogs. Blog owners usually won't mind since they receive their inbound links from your post.

Improvement in Inbound Links €" Inbound links are usually more important compared to outbound links and guest posting is a great way to increase the backlinks and it is a way to generate massive backlinks of your site. You can invite other bloggers to write on your blog and you will reward them by allowing them to place a backlink into your site. However, you have to ensure that the guest bloggers are giving you the links that are of high quality web pages. In other words, the link should be of high PR which conclude that the site has massive backlinks being generated into it and make sure that you have conducted a research on the site before agreeing to work together.

The good thing about guest blogging is that you do not have to worry about SEO issues. Dealing with the plugins, keyword research and the optimization is the jo

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