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What Makes a Man Choose You Over Other Women? Make the Most of These Simple But Powerful Secrets

Men get carried away more often than not trying to find the right girl or settling down in life.
Sometimes they are afraid to commit or are intimidated too and are generally unsure of what to do.
What then makes a man choose you over other women? If you're serious and are looking for answers then read on.
It's your looks that sweep him off the floor Men are physical in nature and if you're one of those good lookers then he's sure taken in by you.
So stay smart, groomed and beautiful at all times and he'll definitely choose you over other women.
Be beautiful from within as well! Don't be a cleanliness freak It's good to be a neat and tidy person with a well maintained house and surroundings but too much of it could get on anyone's nerves and make life disgusting.
So learn to let go of this mania for cleanliness sometimes and ignore things around.
Pamper his taste-buds Cook him a terrific meal followed by an exciting dessert and see him respond to you with admiration.
You would certainly steal his heart away from any other woman who does not match up to this expectation of his.
Don't make much-ado-about nothing at the same time.
Sharpen your intelligence Beauty without brains will make him lose his interest overnight.
So sharpen your brains and he'll enjoy interacting intellectually on varied subjects.
Increase your knowledge on topics that appeal to him.
Remember sports and politics are men's favorite subjects.
How self-confident are you Do you exude a high level of self confidence in your manner of speaking and discussing issues of debate? Or are you a silent listener with hardly anything to contribute? If you prove to be the former watch your man choose you over other women.
Humility and modesty Humility and modesty are some of the other qualities a man looks for in a woman.
If he sees these qualities in you along with the other qualities mentioned, no doubt, he will choose you over other women.
Care, concern and lots of understanding too are important qualities.
Social and fun loving Are you social and fun loving people who is always game for an outing or excursion impromptu or do you always want sufficient time ahead to plan? Do you at the same time happily settle down for a quiet evening and dinner watching television? No man could ask for more if he sees these characteristics in you.

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