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4 Reasons Why You"ll Never Reach "Affiliate Elite" Status

Tip 1 - As an aspiring super affiliate, many of you have heard of 'Google Adwords' but then again some haven't. It's a pay per click search engine that internet marketers have used to make a very decent living. The trick is that it is so hard for the newbie or average affiliate to make good money with it because they don't know which keywords are actually converting well. You have 2 options here: You can either do the keyword research manually or use a keyword research tool that tells you how many searches a keyword/keyword phrase are getting. But if you're interested in streamlining your time and efforts find a tool that will uncover your competitor's profitable keywords on Adwords. You could set a campaign of your own and cash in on the spoils. So be sure to find a tool that will give you the most bang for your buck on Adwords.

Tip 2 - You've decided to join the ranks of affiliate marketing but where do you even start? One of the popular places to look that offers you other people's products to promote is Clickbank. "Great!" You say, but your trouble has only just begun. There are literally thousands of products to choose from out of many different categories and sub-categories. If your not careful you could end up where I was a couple years back suffering from marketing not-so-hot products. Be sure to select a product that has a good gravity. That means that other affiliates are promoting it and it's worth the time and effort. Check on the pay per sale amount and make
sure you're getting a cut that is 50% or higher. Even after all this everybody is promoting it so you're battling with the big boys now. Imagine knowing about a product that's going to be big BEFORE it hits the market. That's what you want to promote and be out in front of the pack. Do your research to find those products or find a tool that will offer you Clickbank's database in order to get a jump on the competition. This will exponentially increase your sales.

Tip 3 - Everybody knows that there's an elite affiliate out there pulling in six figures a year. It's also a fact that they have a huge opt-in list for them to run extremely profitable email campaigns on. The chances of your everyday joe finding this type of affiliate on the internet are slim to none. But if you did the effects of it are powerful. You could do a joint venture with them and make a very decent income time and time again. You could even get them to market your product as you market it yourself. The only problem is finding them. Nobody wants to compete against a super affiliate but imagine having them compete for you? It is possible for you to find them on the net using some proven strategies. They take longer but work. My suggestion would be to find software that will automate the search for their clickbank id's and/or their contact info (It is legal and ethical. I'm not talking about any kind of spamming that's illegal and I don't promote that type of advertising). With an elite affiliate on your side it could help you get into profits that you'd be very happy with.

Tip 4 - Does "organic search results" mean anything to you? Well it should because if you're on page 1 you're bound to make money that most won't. You know your competitor is making cash day and night being there but how did they do it? If you're like me you analyze your competition the manual way. You will Google a search term and enter the number one ranked website. Then you will pull up the source code of the page (Which is on the toolbar underneath "View"). There you can see what keywords your competitor has entered in their meta tags. This will give you a good idea of what you need to do to get ranked well. Be sure to also look at their content and skim through it because obviously Google thinks they're relevant to the search term. Take a couple of mental notes for their on-page SEO
efforts. Then you can go back and create your website with those factors and mind and out-optimize them for the same or similar terms. That's the manual way. The other way I suggest doing it for those who are not as savvy on what factors to bear in mind, would be to use software that you can submit any website's url and see their keyword lists and where they are ranked in Google for those particular search terms. That will save you a load of time and better help your efforts in getting ranked number one in Google. Besides isn't FREE traffic the best kind especially if you're number one? By following these 4 tips you're laying the groundwork for
the coveted Affiliate Elite status.

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