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Extracurricular Activities on Literature

    Literature Journal

    • Set up a school-related journal, which will have literature as its main, or even sole, topic. Include excerpts from famous writers, as well as prompt your friends to write their own stories, and publish them on your journal. Reviews, analysis, as well as news about famous stories, such as a new film adaptation for example, should also be included. It all depends on how much you are capable of editing in your (preferably) monthly issue.

    Literature Club

    • Join or create a club for all literature enthusiasts, like you. It doesn't have to be like an English gentlemen's club, discussing literature by the fireplace. Instead, provide a more casual environment, with periodical meetings, in a friend's house, or a quiet cafeteria. You will have the opportunity to exchange opinions about your favorite stories and even ask for advice on your own work. Apart from a chance to meet people with a similar interest with you, new friendships may emerge as well.

    Theater Plays

    • Stage school or college plays based on a literature masterpieces of the past. It may look like you deviate from your literature hobby, but in reality, you combine your own interest with an art form which appeals to more young people: acting. There have been numerous stories, which were adapted to the stage or even the silver screen. You can either use the preexisting scripts, or create your own adaptation of the story, from scratch.

    Be a Writer

    • Write your own fictional story, poem, or narration. It is never too early to start practicing your writing technique. Not only will it help you with your school or college writing tasks, but it will also show you how difficult it is to create quality content, like your favorite writers. You can also publish excerpts of your work--or your full work if they are poems or short stories--on the school or college newspaper, or even seek publication in a specialized, commercial journal, if you think you can achieve it.

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