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Why A Real Estate Investor Sees Networking Marketing As A Better Opportunity, For Working At Home

I have written in the past about my being a Real Estate Investor.
It was something that I was passionate about for many years.
So it might surprise you to learn that I turned in my tape measure, and turned to Network Marketing as a better Opportunity.
I would like to show you why I believe Network Marketing is the best business opportunity for individuals looking to work for themselves.
As a Real Estate entrepreneur I had to wear many hats, of course lots of it was automated through what we called ant farms in the business, were you have lots of individuals like little ants searching for properties for you.
There were many things that can't be automated.
I still had to approve of a house to buy, I had to deal with a disillusioned home owner, and then a home buyer who wanted a home for nothing.
The stresses involved with being a Real Estate entrepreneur were great, what if a house didn't sell, what if I can't keep my promise to the seller, what if I had to give the house back to the seller, what if the bank doesn't except my offer.
These were things to always think about.
The income was good though, as a Real Estate entrepreneur when it was coming in.
But if I ever wanted to make more money I would have to flip more houses, or take on more tenants, which regardless of how you look at it I had to take on more work.
So in a sense my income was still based upon time I had to give up.
I was still trading hours for dollars, even though those dollars were more than many would make hourly.
When I started in the field I was convinced that I would make residual income.
Income that would continue to come month after month without me doing anything to acquire it.
That was not true, though I think real estate is a good vehicle for wealth, I don't think of it as passive income, since if you stop advertising, stop maintaining, stop delegating, your business and your income goes by the way side.
Yes, you can stop working and allow your properties to take care of you, but eventually the properties will run down, or need a new tenant, or sell, and you will need to replace the income you just lost.
That is not what I call passive.
Finally I decided to hang it up and go into an industry that an individual can truly create a passive income.
Network Marketing A Better Opportunity That is why I say that Network Marketing is truly a better opportunity then any other home based business.
It takes work, but so did finding houses to buy month in and month out.
You have to work closely with people but what business is there that you won't.
As a Network Marketer, the company that you represent will provide you with marketing material, and a good product to sell, relieving you of many of the headaches of creating marketing material for a business that you run on your own.
It is truly a business were you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.
Which is something I had to deal with in the Real Estate industry.
Working at home alone, attending meetings with other Real Estate entrepreneurs all of which claimed to be my friend but were all competing against me.
It was truly a race to the next house to see who would sign up that buyer.
And the buyer in many cases would have another Real Estate investor show up to their door while you were on your way out.
The T.
Shows about flip this house or rehab addict didn't help since everyone thought they knew what you were doing.
In Network Marketing your up line are not competing against you but instead trying to help you succeed because your success is theirs.
So you are in business with a network of individuals that want to help you but who allow you to run your business the way that you desire.
The largest benefit I see that supports Network marketing as a career is the income potential.
As a single work at home entrepreneur you would be very hard pressed to make a $100,000 dollar a year income.
To make that kind of money you'll need employees, or have to work really hard and keep long hours.
The thing most people want to avoid by working at home.
When I was running an ant farm to search for homes I had a network, but many of them would learn what you are doing and then become your competition.
With network marketing you train your army, and they go out and duplicate what you have done because of there position they never become your competition they only help you achieve more.
You have no employees to hire because they all work for themselves, you just support there training.
Network Marketing also is the only industry that I know of that you can work hard for two, three, or four, years and create an income that will last for the rest of your life.
Truly passive income, that if you want to retire and not touch another phone or talk to another person, not do anything related to your Network Marketing Business your income will still come in month after month, year after year.
That is passive income! That is not exchanging hours for dollars.
And that is why I believe Network marketing is the best opportunity that an individual has if he or she wants a great work at home opportunity.
So if you are looking for a job change, or to start your own business, look seriously into Network Marketing, it will provide you with the income you desire and reward you with the time you want with your family.
Search out a desirable company that has products that are timeless, and people will find value in regardless of the economy.

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