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Discover Screen Capture Video to Increase Your Profit

Have you ever wanted to promote a certain affiliate program and then found out there are 100's if not thousands already promoting it.
Did you opt not to promote it because of this? Look! The thing is you can still promote it and end that competition.
Actually it's not hard to do that using screen capture video.
It is not only easy, but can increase the dollar amount of your affiliate checks automatically.
Thanks to the very fast development of technology.
Screen recording software has become a tool that actually anyone can use including you.
I'm not going to get into all the different screen capturing programs out there in this article.
I will however give you some tips on how to increase your profits with your own product or using it to market other marketers' affiliate products.
You require to know that Google, MSN and Yahoo love videos.
There is a truth that pages with video fixed on them get indexed more quickly and when this happens there is a good probability that you will find your video page going to the top pages of the Search Engines.
Incredibly when this happens you will find you are outdoing even the top affiliate marketers of that particular product.
There is also a good opportunity you may find your video is outranking the creator of the product you are marketing.
However, you must understand that the screen capture video must be closely related to the product you are marketing.
You should also make sure you choose the best keywords for your potential customers to find your video.
Here's a tip for you to find the correct keywords for your screen capture video page.
Go to spy on your affiliate competitors that have been dominating the Search Engines.
That sounds a little bit underhanded but it's not.
Some common English words cannot be copyrighted, so it's completely ethical for you to spy on your competition.
All you have to do is look for your competitors by typing in the product name on the search engines search box.
You will have your top competitors' right in front of you.
Click on the link to their site.
Once you get there to the site go to the Tool Menu on your browser window and click on the "View Source".
In most cases you will find the keywords near the very top of the page.
Copy the keywords and build your video targeting those keywords.
As your future customers begin to find you they will realize your video is very simple and easy to understand.
As they begin to trust you it puts them into a much better frame of mind.
Mostly it will be the trigger that pushes the emotional buy button so that when they click over to your landing page or even directly to the sale page of the product they do so with their credit card in hand.
Screen capture video is not the panacea of search engine domination but it is one heck of a very effective tool and it can make you thousands of dollars in profit.
Just one other quick tip for you, if you feel like you can't do it, you can outsource it.

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