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Dog Nail Injury & Homeopathy


    • When a dog gets a nail injury, the first thing to do is prevent infection. If an infection gets into the dog's bloodstream, he can become sick. After infection prevention, the next thing to focus on is speeding up the healing process.


    • When dogs' nails are accidentally cut too short, or are split or broken from an injury, bleeding can be stopped with styptic powder. If styptic powder is unavailable, flour or cornstarch can be used to abet clotting. To avoid infection, wash the area twice daily with antibacterial soap.


    • A nail injury can give dogs anxiety due to the pain, but certain herbs reduce nervousness. According to Natural Dog Health Remedies, chamomile tea can be given to dogs. Additionally, valerian root has calming properties and can be administered orally (in capsule form) to dogs.

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