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Paid Referral Business Opportunity

I have a business opportunity for anyone that may not have extra funds for advertising, but have plenty of time to post on message boards, chat rooms, and any social network location that you regularly attend. You can tell your myspace contacts, facebook friends, all of the people on all of your buddy lists. You can send the people you have in your address book details about this free opportunity that you have come across. You do not have to know anything about marketing, just be able to talk to everyone you know around your house, and everyone that you frequent online. There are several Multi level marketing companies out there that only make .50 on a sale and you can make $500 just for talking. They may have 2000 people that they have talked to and still not making what you can make, not costing you a dime. Now that sounds like a plan to me. If you would like to place some pull tabs with your name and number on the paper for an online job, you can do that and when they call you, you can give them my web address with your name and number attached and I will confirm with you and the other person on a three way call that we are all on the same page and when he/she joins our program you will get up to $500 in the mail or bank account, totally up to you how you would want to be paid.

What is the break down on how I get paid?

Depending on which level they join will depend on how much you will make. That will be extra cash for you. If you send 10 paying presidential members to my landing page, then that will be $5000 for you. If you send them to the daily webinar and they send me the code from the webinar then you will get that trip, to more than 80 different locations across the world, and so will they. Free Travel to all of those beautiful locations now that is the best thing yet. You do not have to join BTTW for the referral system to work for you and me. It wont cost you anything but word of mouth and that goes further than you can see. If the people that you talk to decide that Big Ticket is the online business for them, then that is up to $500 for you just for talking to them. The different levels that they can join are the National Membership Level which is - $797 and you make $150, then the Executive Membership Level which is - $1197 and you get $250, and the top is the Presidential membership Level which is - $1997 and you get $500. That will be giving you 50% of my commissions, because the remaining, less the admin fee, will be directly sent to my sponsor. If this sounds to good to be true, it isn't. During our training class, or webinar, we were shown different strategies on showing you, the reader, how we can make it better for you. We want to make you money as well as make us money.

What are the limits?

There are not any limits on how much you can make. If you send me 25 presidential members then that is 25 X $500, now you do the math. That is $12,500 just for telling someone that they should join, or at least look at this opportunity. If you send enough people to this program then you will have plenty of cash to join Big Ticket if you choose to. The sky is the limit, and what do I mean by that? If you decide to do all of the posting on message boards online or even ones that you can put in your local store as a pull tab, or even decide to put paper fliers on cars. You can do these and even more to bring in contacts that may join Big Ticket and even get a trip. For everyone that you send to the daily webinar you will get that trip that we were talking about earlier and so will they.

How many trips are available?

I can give as many trips that are needed. If it takes a trip to get someone to look at this paid referral business opportunity and they decide not to join that is ok. But if they do join then the money is in the bank that is the gamble that we all take. You can personally take up to 12 of these trips in a calendar year. That is one trip a month. Where will I go next will be my question. I may go to Hawaii. Wow can I go to Hawaii? Yes you can if you choose to. If you choose to use the round trip airfare ticket then you can get to the 5 star hotels that you want and have a great time and both are paid for. So send me the contacts with your name and number and I will personally send you that check once he/she signs at one of the levels.

When will I get paid?

That is a very good question. If you set up a paypal account or even a google checkout account you can get paid as soon as I get paid. Now that sounds good. If you do not want to do it that way then I will send it fed ex or even UPS or however you request payment. If I send it you will be responsible for all costs that may occur with the payment processors, which is minimal, or postage. You wont have to worry that I wont send you the money, because as a Christian person I will make sure you get what is owed to you. I am a person with a servants heart and want to be a blessing to you and others. You can even tell the people about this program at church, because if you decided to join Big Ticket you can use all of your travel vouchers on raising funds for the different fund raisers in your local church. You can fund a mission trip for everyone that wants to go. Now that would be great wouldn't it?

In Conclusion:

You post a bulletin, message board, in chat room, myspace, facebook, youtube, clever video, flixya, putfile, metacafe, aol, msn, xanga, yahoo, google, eBay, and there are many many more locations to take flier to, put on windows, on houses, just to name a few. If I can send you a copy of a pull tab paper or some kind of flier with your name on it and number, then I will do that as well. What ever I can do for you to help you then all you have to do is email me and I will get all of that information to you, so you can start raking in the cash.

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