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Profitable Product Funnel Creation-Revealed - 2 First Steps to Multiply Your Product Funnel Creation

A lot of marketers today are trying all their might to address the diverse needs of their potential clients by creating series of products.
They understand that not all the people they are advertising to are willing to spend huge money on their first transaction.
That is why they start by offering them low-end products to give their clients a chance to get to know the kind of products and service they provide.
When people liked the initial product and were happy with the service, they are most likely to move further down the funnel.
Here are the 2 first steps to multiply your product funnel creation: 1.
List building.
You need to attract more people on the first level of your funnel to effectively augment your sales potential.
You see, every person that visits your website is a potential client.
So if he or she leaves your website without buying anything, you will lose his or her business forever.
That is why, you need to have an effective mechanism to capture his or her email address so you have a way to communicate with him or her.
Lure more people to sign-up on your email marketing list by giving incentives for every successful registration.
You can give them information-based products that communicate your expertise on your chosen niche so you can easily win their trust.
Ezine publishing.
Most people who sign-up on your email marketing list will not make a purchase right away.
As such, you need to build up your products and create a need for them to compel your potential clients to buy.
You can do so by sending them newsletters on a regular basis.
Make sure that your newsletters are valuable and offer useful information.
Impart your knowledge, show genuine concern, and interact with your potential clients to build rapport and trust.
These can lead to fruitful business relationship.

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