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Driving in Japan

Japan, like many other progressive nations in the world, is pretty much characterized by congested highways, overcrowded urban areas as well as the lively hustle and bustle of life. This thus gives expats a pretty accurate idea of how problematic driving a car in Tokyo is, especially since it is indeed a megacity and one of the most populated places in the world.

Many expats face culture shock upon arriving in Tokyo because of the huge difference in lifestyles. If you are from countries that are bestowed with large and vast lands such as the US or Canada, you will definitely be in for a shock when you set foot in Tokyo. Road conditions in this megacity are very chaotic because of the overwhelming volume of vehicles on the road. This heavily urbanized nation sports small, narrow roads that are prone to accidents.

As such, taking pubic transports in Tokyo is highly encouraged. However, public transportation is almost non-existent in the country side, so it is better to drive a car if you travel outside town on a daily or frequent basis. If you do, however, intend to drive a car in Tokyo, always follow what the natives do: stay on the defensive and use extreme caution. The narrow roads can be hazardous and there have been cases of traffic accidents involving oncoming cars.

Road Infrastructure in Japan

There are about 1.2 million kilometres of road stretched throughout the whole of Japan, especially in the huge cities. There are also close to about 7500 kilometres of roads which are expressways and like any other modern cities, the main roads are equipped with electronic speed limits and updates on the latest traffic conditions, where congestions and accidents are a common occurrence in this megacity.


Japan is internationally known for its fantastic technology and impressive infrastructure. Hence, you will not be surprised to find that Japan has an excellent network of roads and expressways that stretch throughout the whole country.

Every driver that travels using the expressway has to pay toll according to the distance travelled. Toll booths are a common sight that is usually spotted at the entrance of the expressway and drivers will be handed a ticket that he has to pay upon existing the expressway.

Besides the expressways, Japan also has the intra-city expressways that are built in huge cities and urban areas to ease the flow of traffic and shorten the travelling time. Due to the scarce land, roads are built atop one another to save space and huge cities like Tokyo and Osaka have such express networks.

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