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Profitable Website Promotion Plan

An attractive website and a quality product or service are important parts of your promotion system, but it takes more to get the market attention and the profit results you want.
How do you effectively attract targeted traffic to your blog or other website? And then, what tactics do you use to naturally increase the time they spend with you, to guarantee their loyalty, and to convert them into long-term buyers with a high retention rate? Obviously, there are lots of answers.
I'll really focus on a 2-part plan here: 1.
Write articles and submit them to authority article directories.
You MUST produce good content to trigger more clicks and enthusiastic response.
You'll get better results with a good understanding of latent semantic indexing.
If your articles are throw-away junk designed just to get inbound links, you won't get the visitors you want.
The visitors you generate from quality article submissions will include some who will become long-time customers.
Write and publish consistently excellent quality content on your website, designed to appeal specifically to your target niche market and their practices.
Find your target audience on social networking sites or forums or in chat rooms, wherever they hang out and discuss techniques to build traffic and profit.
Listen to them as they talk about their problems and their hottest desires.
Where do they focus their attention? Are they in a constant search for relevant tools to get quality inbound links? Are they looking for a formula to increase their chances of going viral? Pay attention to word-of-mouth promotion they give to other vendors.
Analyze and take ideas from those resources.
If your website content addresses the concerns of the people who would be your best prospects, you will do well over time.
You have lots of other possibilities, but this 2-part website promotion plan definitely works.

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