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Home Business Income Opportunity

As an entrepreneur seeking to make money and operate a profitable home business income opportunity, having a steady stream of leads to present your business opportunity to is important.
Due to today's economic climate, there is an increase in opportunity seekers looking for a work from home business where they can successfully earn a passive income.
One local marketing method to use that will assist an entrepreneur in creating a steady stream of prospects and likely result in sign ups and/or retail sales is using the fish bowl approach.
All a network marketing rep has to do is approach a popular local restaurant with a large clientele base and ask the manager if it is OK if they give away a few sandwiches, preferably once a week.
Next, once the rep gets an OK from the manager, they would put up a fish bowl where people can fill out a form while they are waiting in line.
This will give the potential mlm leads something to do.
A little sign can be put up next to the fish bowl which could say: "Win a free sandwich.
All you have to do is finish the following sentence.
Leave your name and valid email address so we can notify you if you are the winner".
The form could say something like, "I have my job because", or "What are your two biggest health challenges?", or "If I had an extra paycheck per week, I would.
" Now, once a week, have the manager pull a name and give a free sandwich.
For all the folks who did not win, the network marketing distributor would send an email which could say something like this: "You didn't win a free sandwich this week, but your name was entered in the drawing for next week.
However, as a consolation prize, you will receive a free report on how to make an extra paycheck per week.
" The consolation prize really can be anything.
As you can see, fish bowl marketing can be a great way to generate your own leads and potentially increase profits for your home business income opportunity, multi-level marketing opportunity, etc.
due to selling of products and new distributors joining.
Take action today and begin to build your own mlm local leads the easy way!

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