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How to Achieve Your Goals in Life

These are things you need to start doing regularly to be 10 steps ahead of others, so that by the time you get there they will all be SHOCKED!!!! 1-- Set out your goal in life, remind yourself everyday about your dreams and goal in life.
2- Always look beyond your immediate environment, because the reality before you might not be anything close to the dream and goal ahead of you.
3- Ask questions be inquisitive ,what they say is impossible , ask why? What they say is unattainable, ask them who says so? 4- Don't make friends just for the sake of it, many friends might distract you,try to have friends that share the same passion and enthusiasm as you.
5- Advice from your parents shouldn't be ignored, they are like treasures that if you don't use today, you will definitely use in the future.
6- Identify your gifts/talents, work on them, make maximum and judicious use of them, that might be all you need to achieve your goal/dream in life.
7- Be in love with taking risk and always be ready to dare yourself, start any good thing that comes to your mind regardless of the discouragement you get.
8-Learn to be as humble and meek as possible, because that's the easiest way to learn, listen to others.
9- Look out for as many role models/mentors as possible, those role models that have achieved their goals and dreams in a similar field like yours.
10- If you lay hands on any of your role models books please endeavor to read and digest the content, learn from their mistakes, tap into their wealth of experience.
11- Have a religion/belief, seek assistance from whatever spirit or GOD you believe in, Pray hard.
12-Avoid pessimism, when others say NO, you say yes, when others stop you keep going.
13-Cultivate a reading habit, read at least 10-15 powerful books in a month.

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