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Jamie Oliver MLM - How To Grow A "Jamie At Home" Business

What Is Jamie At Home? Jamie Oliver is a famous chef from the UK, and he has now branched out into his own direct-selling company called 'Jamie At Home', which sells products for the home and the garden.
Direct-selling means that the products are sold through a network of Consultants and are not available to buy in the shops or from a dedicated website.
They are usually sold at sales parties and cooking demonstrations, for example.
Anybody can become a Consultant.
You just need to get in touch with another Consultant, and buy a starter kit which is relatively cheap, and then you're free to start selling the products to whoever you want.
Because Jamie Oliver is a chef a lot of the products are designed for use in the kitchen, but the company also sells products for use all over the home, and also outside.
Jamie At Home - What They Don't Tell You 'Jamie At Home' is a legit opportunity.
It sells great products and offers a good commission on all sales made.
The problem is that it is designed primarily as a way to earn a residual income, and therefore the advice they give you is unlikely to help you build a massive business.
If you want to turn your 'Jamie At Home' business into a huge money-maker then you really need to take a different approach.
Holding sales-parties and demonstrations is a great way to drum up a little bit of interest from your family and friends, but it is not going to make you rich.
If you want to become wealthy you need to reach out further and cast your net wider.
Jamie At Home - The Good News The way to do this is the internet.
Every day thousands, even millions, of people go online looking to buy household and garden products.
Most of them will go to the big online superstores because they know the name, and also because they are easy to find online.
But what if people knew YOUR name, and YOU were easy to find online? It follows that people would come to you as well.
What's more, research suggests that people prefer buying one-to-one from a person that they know and trust, rather than from a faceless corporation.
So you have a fantastic opportunity to make a massive business out of 'Jamie At Home' products, if you can only learn how to use the internet to position yourself as an expert.
It is so easy to do, and ANYONE can do it.
If you are a nurse, or a cab-driver, or a shop assistant, or a driving instructor, or a care worker,or a teacher...
it doesn't matter! The techniques are simple and effective, and achievable by everybody.
Things like blogging, using Facebook and Twitter, writing articles, posting on forums, commenting on other people's articles, answering questions, advertising, and dominating the search engines can all lead to massive success in your business.
And it cannot be stressed enough that ANYBODY really can do this.
Not just professional marketers or super-salespeople.
Not just university graduates or I.
T whiz-kids.
Anybody! So if you want REAL success with Jamie At Home, learn how to use internet marketing as a sales weapon.
It could be the best decision you ever make.

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