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Tips to Using Videos to Make Sales

If you have a product that's a software of some sort, one of the best ways to make quick sales is by offering a free-trial.
You can do this by creating a video.
In the video you can show a demonstration of how your product works.
What you could do is say something like; "Hey, thank you very much for taking my free-trial offer".
And after your visitor has tried your free trial you'll say; "Thank you very much.
If you get started right now, you can get this price.
" Mention how much of a percentage they'll save if they take you up on your offer to purchase your product now.
You could say something like, "get it now for $14.
" And then after they do that, then have them go to the next page.
So, the next page, after they put in their PayPal information, they're going to land on the next thank you page.
The next thank you page will give them another offer so that they can save even more money.
It could say something like, "Tell you what.
Why don't you go ahead and why don't you just pay off your balance now!" This will allow you to make more money upfront and make more sales! Tell them that if they purchase now for a full year and pay off their balance, tell them that you'll give them a full year for 60% off.
So basically, you're going to apply their $14.
75 towards the year offer.
Then say, "...
your total price will only be an additional X amount of dollars.
" Of course you'll tell them the exact number in order to get the higher conversion.
Make it really simple for your prospect.
That's exactly how I would do it.
The more simplistic you can make it, the easier it's going to be for them to understand.
Now, what you could do is, after they purchase or after they opt in (because you've got their email address), then you can use that tell-a-friend script on your site.
Say something like, "Hey, listen, I'll tell you what.
If you want to send a couple of your friends my way, I'll go ahead and give you a coupon for this particular product offer.
" And make sure that the coupon has a good enough discount for them to want to tell a friend about your products or services.
Remember, simple and subtle marketing tactics such as these can make all of the difference in your sales results.
Try this method for yourself and see if your sales improve.

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