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Attracting More Dental Patients

One of the most effective tools to attract new dental patients is to market in a spot where your target prospective patient already hangs out.
I use analogies often, and one I turn to often to illustrate this point is fishing.
When I'm talking about "fishing where the fish are," I'm actually talking about where prospective patients are.
In an ideal fishing situation, you would go to a lake that is stocked with hungry fish with their favorite bait.
When fishing for patients, you would be in a location where your prospective new dental patient already is with an offer that is compelling enough for them to take action and call your office now.
If you really want to grow your practice or if you want to do target niche marketing, you have to be where your target new patients are.
Are you targeting new dental patients that are part of a certain group, have a passionate hobby, or live in a certain area? You need to be in the place where they are hanging out.
Look at publications they read, newspapers they receive, websites they visit, and activities they do to find advertising opportunities for you to market your practice so these prospective new patients will see it.
And just like the fishing analogy, if you are fishing with the wrong bait, you won't catch anything.
If you are marketing but don't extend an irresistible limited time offer that they can't say 'no' to, your prospective patients won't take the next step to come in to your office for care.
Even if your marketing message is perfect but you are in a wrong spot, you won't get any new patients.
Your marketing will just fail each and every time.
It's a combination, at the same time, of marketing positioning and correct offer, combined with clear instructions of what to do that will lead to you getting more new patients.
That's a common mistake I've found out.
In dental marketing, you have to know exactly where to position yourself in order to be found by your ideal new patient.
The "where and who" of dental marketing makes up 60% of your campaign's success.
You have to know where they are at.
And you have to be using the right dental marketing strategy to bring them in.
You have to know what entices your target niche, what are their specific needs or desires that they have, and what benefits they really want.
You need to also present all of these in patient friendly voice and avoid dental terminology.
Instead of using those technical dental phrases that they can't understand, how about saying something like "Do you want 90% of the chewing force of a natural tooth back?" or "How would you like to say goodbye to a wobbly, loose fitting old denture?" Those are the problems that patients want you to take care of for them.
You have to have the "right bait" or the right message in the right place to connect with your prospective new dental patient will grow your dental practice.
Remember, increasing your new patients and growing your practice is just like fishing for that prize catch.

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