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How to Build a Doghouse?

It is very easy to build a doghouse.
You just need to search out for the right place for doghouse.
You can find thousands of designs on Internet for building a house for your dog pet.
The first thing you need to consider is size of a doghouse and for this you need to take right measurement.
There are effects of too big house or too small house on dog.
He might get afraid if there is too big and he might get not use it if the house is too small.
If it is so, your whole effort will get waste.
So it is important to measure the dog before beginning the construction of a kennel.
You should make sure one thing that a kennel should have at least proper space so that dog can move easily and does not get cramp up in one corner of the house.
Generally, there are three types of doghouses; the medium size kennel, the large kennel and the duplex kennel.
The medium type kennel is built up for small dogs like Dachshunds, Jack Russells and the Terrier.
The large size kennel is built up for the big dogs including German Sheppard, Dobermans etc.
The Duplex size house is built for more than one dog.
If you have more than one dog, then the duplex size kennel is recommended.
It has a removable wall, which you can remove if want dogs to live together.
Besides size and design of a house, you also need to keep in consideration some other facts like you need to build a house some inches high than floor.
The purpose of this is to save a dog from the water if it rains.
It will also keep floor cool in summer time.
Make sure that you don't use metal or plastic material in constructing the house because dogs are always too sensitive to heat.
When you make up the floor, make it towards the opening because water will drain out if it comes in winters.
Also make sure that you have provided the doghouse with protective house roof.
It will protect the house in case of rains and heavy winds.
To build a safe doghouse is so easy.
It does not need any technical knowledge of building doghouses.

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